Covering the Democratic Convention – Please Help Fund My Trip

I have received press credentials to cover the Democratic Convention next week. So please leave a comment and let me know what YOU want to hear about! That will be my first priority, and I’ll try to post as often as possible.


I’m asking Seeing the Forest readers if they could pitch in and help me pay for this trip.   I’ll be staying with friends at least some of the time.  So, I need to get there from California, and pay for local transportation and food, and maybe a night’s lodging or two.  (And I lose a whole week’s pay — I’m not getting paid while I’m there.)

On the right side of this page, under the Beat Bush button, there is a Paypal “Donate” button, and an “Amazon Honor System” button.  Please pitch in, even if it’s only a dollar or two.  THANKS!

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Update – I’m resetting the date on this to keep it at the top of the page this week.