Coulter’s Book

In the Washington Post today Richard Cohen writes about Ann Coulter’s book, “Treason”, that he is “happy” that the book is so far over the edge:

My glee in reporting that Coulter is daft is predicated on the prediction that her book, like her previous one, will be a bestseller.


It is also good news for liberals. It suggests that the right, at least the hard right, has finally dumbed out. This is the predictable cycle for all movements. They start with a genuine grievance and proceed from there to the totally ridiculous — or, in some cases, to the downright macabre.

Cohen doesn’t get it about the right. He ALMOST gets it in the next paragraph,

In some ways, the nutso American brand of archconservatism mirrors traditional anti-Semitism. Jew-haters proclaim that Jews control the media, international finance and almost everything else of importance — but, somehow, Jews have accumulated a 2,000-year history of expulsions, pogroms and, finally, the mass murder of the Holocaust.

Meanwhile, I’m listening to Thom Hartmann’s radio show, and he DOES get it. He says this book is “dangerous.” and I agree completely. He says the book reminds him of “Mein Kampf,” and he draws a parallel between how the right talks about “Liberals” and how Germany’s right talked about Jews.

The right has destroyed the civility of our society. They have made it OK to be nasty, insulting, mocking and dismissive of more than half of all Americans. And they are proud of it. Now this book takes their anti-civility campaign a lot further. The book accuses everyone left of the Christian Coalition of hating and conspiring to destroy America. The title of the book is “Treason.”

And what is the punishment for treason? As I type this, a caller on the Hartmann show asks, “Quite frankly, what are they going to do with all of us treasonous liberals?”