Coulter Fails to Slime Kerry

Despite my lifelong interest in slimy creatures, I don’t normally do Ann Coulter. However, a line I saw in Diana Moon’s fisking of Coulter caught my eye.

Coulter writes: “”Kerry’s life experience consists of living off other men’s money by marrying their wives and daughters”.

To begin with, that’s pretty misleading. Like George Washington, Kerry is a war hero who married a rich widow with a taste for classy guys– and not someone else’s wife, the way Neil Bush just did. (Apparently Coulter thinks that Theresa Heinz should have remained alone forever, the way Coulter probably will).

But here’s my main point: what’s this shit about “marrying other men’s daughters?”

What other options are there? By law he can’t marry other men’s sons, nor can he marry his own daughters. Marrying other men’s daughters is where the action is in the marriage biz. Does Coulter think Kerry should have remained single forever too?

It sort of seems that Coulter, at her age, is still not completely comfortable with what Mommy and Daddy do in bed and where babies come from. Isn’t it about time for someone to take her aside and give her The Talk?

Edit: Neil Bush, I mean, not Jeb. Can’t tell the felons without a scorecard.