Cost Of The Bush PR Carrier Stunt

From David J. Sirota, Communications Director, U.S. House Appropriations Committee – Minority:

With President Bush’s circus stunt photo-op last week reportedly delaying the return of the U.S.S. Lincoln and its crew by at least a day, Democrats have demanded a formal inquiry into how much the Pentagon and U.S. taxpayers were forced to cough up to sponsor the event. According to our preliminary estimates, one day of aircraft carrier steaming (aka. energy to power the boat at sea) costs roughly $800,000 to $1 million. This does not include the added huge costs of running regular air patrols over the carrier for the extra day, deploying the regular sea-based protection for the boat for the extra day, paying extra costs to keep the crew fed at sea, security for the President, the cost of flying the President out to the boat by jet, etc.

Attached you will find a one-page Adobe PDF document produced by the House Appropriations Committee using these newly released figures.

I posted the PDF file here. It’s certainly worth a look!