Corruption on a mythic scale

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Descriptions of one long orgy? Well, you can’t take the U.S. Capitol to Texas — although God knows I expect the gang to try one of these days. But you can bring Texas to the Capitol, and that’s exactly what the Dixiepublicans have done. I guess it serves us Yankees right for losing the Civil War.
How low can they go? Well they’ve got the limbo stick about six inches off the ground as it is — but I’ll give you good odds that DeLay and his White House cronies are flexible enough to slide under it. Witness Snapper Tom’s $1.5 billion bite out of the energy bill (the second installment of this week’s GOP pork-a-thon, with the highway bill still to come.)

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  1. Mythic Clothes

    Graders and exporters of used clothing.In other words, “they were just following orders” has been dressed in the clothes of Taoist priest…

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