Corporate Scamocracy

I recently renewed my cell phone service and it was one more encounter with America’s corporate scamocracy. EVERYTHING is a scam to get more money out of you for less service to you.
First, all the providers have the same price structure – this is obviously collusion rather than competition.
Second, the process of doing business with these companies is all about what they can get out of you, not what you can get for paying them. EVERYTHING has a fee. Even moving your phone numbers from one phone to another has a fee. Sending a text message has a fee PLUS the airtime. You can TAKE pictures but the only way to get the pictures off of your phone is to e-mail them to yourself and that costs a quarter PLUS the airtime.
Here’s one of the better scams. You HAVE TO take a “free” month of “VCAST” service, and you CAN’T cancel it until after the “free” month, and if you don’t cancel it they add $15 a month to your bill. So you have to write down the date, and remember to cancel it at just the right time.
EVERY company I encounter has a business model of scamming you, tricking you, and getting a monthly fee out of you.

5 thoughts on “Corporate Scamocracy

  1. It reminds me of our government. Of course it is different. If you refuse to pay the government’s fees you’ll get thrown in jail.

  2. jaymuntz you sound like you object to democracy. Government is US. We decide what we will fund and we collect taxes to pay for these things.

  3. Really? – I sound like I object to democracy?
    Nope – I like democracy. I have healthy dislike of the IRS though, don’t you? If the cell phone companies annoy you, then certainly you must be annoyed by how burdensome our tax system is.
    I sympathize with you on the cell phones – but the government is way worse, regardless of the fact that it’s our fault cause we elected those bums.
    At least you can turn off your “VCAST” after a month. I’ve been trying to turn off this “FICA” thing for years, but no luck!

  4. Sprint telemarketed me to try to make me increase the cost of my plan when I hardly use 20 percent of my minutes. I finally stated:
    “I’m tired of being telemarketed now. Good-bye” and hung up the phone.
    Their script sucked. 🙂

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