Coordinating Their Stories?

Kevin hayden at American Street: Signs of the Coverup,

First, Berlusconi meets with Bush. Now, here comes Chalabi.
Call me a cynic but it sure smells like they’re tightening their stories to try and make them Special-Counsel-proof. Ever since it was clear Cooter Libby was gonna get nailed, they’ve been in emergency mode. Rove rolled over on Libby (and did he put a horse’s head in Fitzgerald’s bed?). And now there’s a parade of global liars visiting Bush, trying to cover for Boss Hawg Cheney.
It reminds me of The Godfather, but with Grade C actors and bloodier results.

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3 thoughts on “Coordinating Their Stories?

  1. Grand Jury testimony of Karl Rove, the White House Deputy Chief of Staff of the United States (COSTUS), leaked by Rove-ing reporter (humor). How much will COSTUS cost us?
    It is posted at: Karl Rove Says Who Leaked First
    Number one hit on MSN Search when searching for “Rove and Fitzgerald”
    Number two hit on Google blog search using “Rove or Karl Rove”
    Please keep my identity a secret. Double super Secret.
    Middle-aged, Middle-of-the-road, Mid-Westerner

  2. But the one of the side stories that is being neglected by the corporately controlled media is why hasn’t Robert Novak been called by the court? Not only was he the first to use the planted information to out Valerie Plame, he also has a secret second source. This aged ultra-conservative pundit is holding the keys to this case and yet he is being left out of the story. The information he holds may be able to bring down the entire administration. Information that the neo-cons must keep quiet at all costs.
    My prediction is the old Mr. Novak may have to take one for the team. So do not be surprised if Mr. Novak has a sudden unplanned “heart attack,” “stroke,” or “car accident.”
    And for a visual, please picture me making those “hand quotes.”
    Am I suggesting that Republicans will assassinate potential “problems?”
    No, I’m just saying that accidents happen. Novak is an old man. He could go at anytime. And the timing might work out conveniently for the Bush Administration.
    It’s time to wake up people. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. And every government since the beginning of civilization has lied to the masses. To quote the late philosopher Bill Hicks, “All governments are liars and murders.”I’m not trying to scare people; I’m just trying to be honest. And honestly, Robert Novak is walking dead man because he knows too much. Don’t get mad at me, that’s just the way those in power roll.
    Always have, always will.

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