3 thoughts on “Controversy

  1. Today I ventured into a Starbucks to fetch a Yukon Grande for Ms. Morse, who was jonesing before entering the Holland Tunnel. Instead of walking up to the counter to place the order, I was asked to submit my order at the door, where it was relayed by radio to the counter in order to be completed. Then I waited 10 minutes amidst flashy types chatting on their cellphones, stroking their bags, sipping their Mocha Latte Vendi Frappuccinos, and each one complimenting themselves on how much real estate they had managed to speculate on in the past week. I hate the culture of coffee.

  2. I think the more rational question would be: why does Starbucks charge so much money for a 50-cent cup of coffee? At the prices they charge, I don’t think eating up their bandwidth for a while is a crime.

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