Conservatives are always about what other people should do. Other people should go fight in Iraq, etc. Other people should not get abortions. Other people should pray to the God they believe exists.
Now they’re saying that the students at Virginia Tech should be ashamed of themselves for being shot.
Think I’m kidding? Read this, Think Progress サ More blaming the victim. then read this Blaming the Victims … Because They’re Total Wusses

4 thoughts on “Conservatives

  1. Is This Tragedy A Symptom of our “Chain Letter Society”?
    Read an analysis of the influences in our “Chain Letter Society” that may be precipitating events like the tragedy at Virginia Tech and how our focus on winning and being number one may be fostering a generation of children with fully inadequate coping skills who have a misguided sense of self-worth…here:

  2. We can’t explain this incident at this point because we simply don’t have the facts yet and don’t know anything about this guy. Everything we’re hearing and saying is speculation and theory. As for being ashamed of themselves for not stopping him, the guy had a gun, for god’s sake, and they didn’t He could have and would have shot anyone who came into 10 feet of him. Unless someone had been able to get behind him to jump him without him being aware of it, there wasn’t much anyone could do, was there?
    Actually, we are beginning to hear stories of bravery and selflessness that happened during this ordeal. Give it time.

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