Conservatives Talking About Taking Away Womens’ Right To Vote – Seriously

Conservatives are actually talking about taking away women’s right to vote. I’m not kidding. If you think this is settled don’t forget that blocking the Equal Rights for Women Amendment was a major conservative cause – and they won.
Here’s the top-ranked conservative columnist promoting it, starting with the column’s title: Reconsidering the 19th Amendment,

According to a recent poll of women voters … the top concerns of half or more of the respondents are these: the “insufficient effort to cure breast cancer,” gun control, medical benefits, childcare, the rising cost of a college education, the connection between pollution and health risks, violence against women, and equal pay.
Nearly three-fourths believe it is more important for the government to shore up the Social Security Ponzi scheme than to bother with those silly tax cuts.
These could only be the poll results of people who have nothing to do with the creation of wealth. They sit home waiting for their husbands to bring home the money, or toil away at little jobs dreamed up to assuage the egos of bourgeois women living in the suburbs.