Conservative Failure – New $100 Bill “Looks European”

Conservatives just hate Europe. They think the US should be less like Europe. Its a thing with them.
So following along with this there was a big headline over at the conservative website Drudge Report the other day: “Even Obama’s New $100 bill looks European“.
Here’s the thing. The Americans that conservative outlets like Drudge and Fox News appeal to with this sort of nonsense more than likely haven’t been to Europe, so they don’t know what European money looks like. If they had been to Europe they would also know a few other things about Europe:
* Europe has high-speed rail connecting major cities, and good transportation when you get there.
* Workers get 5-6 weeks vacation.
* Workers get generous pensions.
* People receive great medical care often completely covered by the government.
* Many countries offer paid parental leave.
* And more, leave a comment with your own additions.
And if you ask any conservative they’ll tell you why these are bad things. Go figure.
I suspect that conservatives hate Europe because by comparison it shows off how badly America’s conservative policies have failed us over the last 30 or so years!
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4 thoughts on “Conservative Failure – New $100 Bill “Looks European”

  1. Quote:”And more, leave a comment with your own additions.”
    It is not all bad things though. How about: but the Europeans earn only half the income of Americans”?

  2. Well, how about a double-digit unemployment rate? Drat, can’t use that one. Since Obama came into office it’s gone from ~7% to pretty much 10%.

  3. And let’s not forget Greece who California and the Federal Dems are emulating just as Germany is learning from their debacle. You can’t grow the public sector and give over-generous benefits forever.

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