Congressional Ethics

The other day I wrote that the media had been fooled again – that the Republican “reversal” on ethics rules actually wasn’t. It was a trick. The new rule — the supposed “reversal” — does the following:

  • Dismisses any complaint when the evenly split Ethics Committee has a tie vote. This measure provides an effective ‘veto’ of any complaint filed against a Republican.
  • Eliminates the 45-day deadline for action on a complaint. This change enables the Republicans to “bury” ethics complaints indefinitely.

    Rules Committee member Louise Slaughter of New York (Democrat) says,

    “This package represents a very serious and grave threat to the credibility and integrity of this institution. And sadly, is being forced upon the Congress and the American people for the benefit and protection on one man, Tom DeLay.”

    “The Republican Party has already gone to extraordinary lengths to cover for and protect Mr. Delay from his long pattern of unethical behavior. Now they are changing standing rules of the House to gut the ethics process, a shameful business for the Majority to be involved in.”

    The rules package is set to be debated before the full House this afternoon. A vote for adoption will follow. If you live in a Republican district, call your representative today and complain about this! If they think the public is paying attention, it could make a difference!