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Request: could everyone reading this please leave a comment, so I can work on the problem? If it doesn’t show up right away it will show up later.
I’m still trying to figure out problems with comments. For some reason it is filtering most comments into a “junk” catergory until I come along and manually move them. This happens even when I have set the commenter as someone to “trust”. Anyone already registered with TypeKey is able to leave a comment that shows up immediately. Does anyone know enough about Moveable Type 3.2to help figure this out?
Update – One thing is for sure. If you register with TypeKey you don’t have any problems leaving a comment – here and other blogs.
Update II – I found out there is a “junk threshold” setting and I had it set to 5, which seemed reasonable. But maybe you all need to have better opinions because that might be why it was junking so many comments. I changed it to 2 and will try it lower if need be.
Update III Threshold of two didn’t work. Several comments junked. (I had to manually unjunk them.) So now it’s one. A filter that rejects everything (except typekey registrants) when it’s set down to two is pretty much useless.

24 thoughts on “Comments Problems

  1. comment. My kid is a computer science guy..I’ll email him and see if he can help you out.

  2. Charles’ comment was imediately posted. Don’s comment went into the “junk” filter until I marked it as OK. Only then did it appear here. I’m still trying to figure this out.

  3. Ok. This is a stupid comment. Stupid, stupid! I’m registered with thpekey, but maybe this is stupid and insulting enough to filter out? Or should I pretend I’m a fundamentalist Republican?

  4. I got a fairly long message saying my comment was gonna be held for you to examine before it was posted. Does that mean anything or is everyone getting that?

  5. I did get junked, didn’t I? Let’s see if I get the same stupid message from typekey. I’ll make this comment as stupid as possible, too, and claim that I’m a fundamentalist Republican again.

  6. No long message from typekey this time, but will this keep you from having to delete tons if junk messages?

  7. I, for one, am surprised that so few people in the intelligence community have identified James Joyce as a Celticfascist. When he said that Ireland is the sow that eats its own farrow, that was clearly a call for the people to slaughter everyone.
    I wanna see this guy in Gitmo NOW!

  8. I have forgotten my typekey password. I think I might have a blog out there somewhere.

  9. My “Buck Fush” t-shirt was very popular in downtown Austin tonight.
    How’s that for raising the standard of comments?

  10. I think the junk threshold scale goes into negative numbers, maybe setting the threshold to zero? Minus 1? I will have to read the docs, I haven’t encountered any similar problems with my MT3.2 blog, but then I don’t get that many comments.
    The big problem here is that Jay Allen at 6Apart has completely fallen down on the job. It’s his MT-Blacklist code that became the comment code, and it’s full of bugs. He pulled the completely boneheaded move of going on a 10 day vacation to Burning Man the day after the 3.2 release (only a complete idiot would do a major point release and then go on vacation). Then he ran off to New Orleans to salvage his parents’ home, right after he returned from vacation. Hey, I know everyone’s got personal problems, but if you’re the key man in a software development system, you have GOT to find a way to deal with major bugs in your absence, or else you just can’t go MIA for weeks on end after a major release.
    Come on Jay, get your act together and fix some comment bugs!

  11. hey, dave, if my comment shows up i may just mention that we have had trouble getting on to your site lately. and this screen for the message is moving all over the place as i type. hope that helps.

  12. Buck Fush is great! (But nothing approaches the sign I saw in a picture from, I think, the original NYC anti-war demonstration: Lesbians Against Bush.)

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