Comments and Online Gambling Sites

OK, I’ll turn of comment registration to see what happens with the comment spam.
I’ve been getting tons of Trackback spam, too. This is a Trackback ping that isn’t really from a site linking to a post, but instead takes the reader to a commercial site. Mostly these are for online casino, online casino gambling, Texas Hold-em, and offshore gambling sites. (Sometimes for online prescriptions like order viagra or buy tramadol, and what the hell is carisoprodol?) Lately there have been a lot of blackjack ads, too. Also mortgage refinance. Nothing for Jessica Simpson yet. I guess this online betting thing is becomming very popular – you probably make a lot of money if you have an offshore gambling site. I play poker once in a while. (Or more.) Mostly I play Texas hold-em at PokerStars, an online poker site.

3 thoughts on “Comments and Online Gambling Sites

  1. Your comment spam won’t diminish unless you change the name of your comment CGI script to something other than default, and alter your config to reflect that change. I did this and currently up to about 80% of all hits on my MT website are comment spammers looking for the comment and trackback scripts in the default location, but all they get is a 404.

  2. Email me and I’ll tell you how I got rid of 100% of my comment and trackback spam.
    There is – quite literally – 1 organization behind all of the p****ker and vi****ra blog spam. I wrote one email. One damn email. And it all stopped. Every bit of it (except for the occasional rogue Russian).
    Amazing, that.

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