Well I experimented with requiring comment registration for a while and then opening up again. That bought me a couple of days of peace. But this morning there were well over 200 comment spams. (They mostly appear in older threads, for poker, porn and drugs.) I have to delete them by hand.
So, comment registration is back on for a while. Sorry.

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  1. Try closing comments older than a certain limit (i.e. 2 weeks, 30 days etc.), which is the usual strategy for blocking comment spam on older comments. If nothing else, it will reduce the number of valid, open comment targets by about 99%, only the current, open discussions will be targets.
    Try the MT Closecomments plugin
    Good luck. Don’t forget my previous tip, rename your comment and trackback CGIs to something other than the default name.

  2. Dave, we tried renaming the trackback and comment scripts (as Charles suggested), but it didn’t work because the spammers had already found the blog. The one thing we did find that does work is closing older comments – it makes less of a target for the spammers. I think registered comments is one of the best ways to keep your posts spam free, but the trackback spam is still there. sigh….

  3. Of course there are many strategies. If you’re having major problems, you’re probably not using the wonderful MT-Blacklist plugin, which blocks most known comment spammers and trackback spammers. There is also a plugin that blocks access through open proxies, which are the usual attack vector for spammers. I can’t recall the name of the plugin though, it’s MT-Deny or something like that.
    I installed MT-Blacklist and it takes care of about 95% of all spammers.

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