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  1. If the blogmasters or readers here prefer I go away, I will offer my resignation immediately. It is not my intention to lessen anyone’s enjoyment of this fine blog, but rather to enhance it. The level of discourse here is high, and many times quite humorous. It would be impossible to have these discussions on a conservative blog.
    However, if you guys prefer to converse among yourselves, free from my dissenting views, that is perfectly understandable. Of course, I am a firm believer in the freedom of association.
    I look forward to reading comments, if any.

  2. Comments and discussion are one thing, disruption is another. Long comments need their own bog to link to. Being the ony remaining commenter is a clue about discussion vs disruption. It’s also a statement about tolerence here v.s. somewhere like RedState that bans even conservatives if they say the least unsupportive thing about bush.
    If we’re going to have an honest back-and-forth, working to solve the country’s problems, that’s one thing… But…

  3. I agree, the tolerance here is beyond question. If there is a desire here to have on-going dissent, then I am Happy to take part. If on the other hand, the desire is for a discussion among like minded individuals, with little or no dissenting comments, then I will refrain.
    I do notice that I’m sometimes the last or only reply to some posts. If this is an indication that I am killing the discussion, then I should not continue to reply.
    If it’s not as fun for you or your readers as it is for me, then it would be selfish of me to continue. I will refrain from replying to any other topics, awaiting direction from you.

  4. You are welcome to participate in DISCUSSION that advances democracy. I am a strong believer in the open-source think tank idea – that blogs and back-and-forth public discussion and refinement of ideas helps us all, advancing the interests of the public.
    But just spouting corporate-funded Republican misinformation is not helpful. We need to get deeper than that. This site is about how such messaging is crafted, and what purposes it is put to. The other day you posted a long comment that was just corporate-funded studies about why wages should be low. But there has been so much work done to show that those are “directed conclusion” research. And the simple fact: the government raised the minimum wage under Clinton and look what happened to jobs and incomes. Under Bush the government has NOT, and look at what has happened to jobs and incomes.

  5. Thank you Dave. I appreciate your tolerance.
    In the reply you refer to, it was my intention to demonstrate that lots of studies have been produced on both sides, and to move the discussion away from the studies and on to a debate based on common sense and logic. ie: the $100 per hr comment. I thought it was successful in that regard, and will now continue it on the appropriate post.
    However, I may be wrong in this case, and I certainly know I’m not infallible in these judgements. If I occassionally stray across the line, I would ask your indulgence. It is not because I’m out of control, or attempting to disrupt the discussion. In all cases, it would be an honest mistake.
    Also, it may not be apparent to you and your readers, but I try to be funny. Sometimes humor can miss the mark. As always, I will strive to be polite, yet witty.

  6. coulter vs. hitler quiz
    not sure where else to share it here, thought you’d like it.
    I got 11 right!

  7. I loved the comment that it would be “impossible to have these discussions on a conservitive blog”.I found that that particular comment made me smile.I’m still smileing.Must be a “good thing”Mostly everytime I read something you write it just well for lack of better words, makes my toes curl.However, you saying it is maybe a litte bit easier to talk freely here,just made me smile.Get a clue.

  8. knras,
    Always Happy to make you smile. I enjoy this blog, and therefore, believe I have at least a clue.
    I’m sure it would be interesting to hear from you from time to time when I make your toes curl.
    In anticipation,

  9. Dave,
    In the six days since this topic was posted, I have refrained from commenting on several posts, so that I would not seem to monopolize the conversation. There are 13 posts since this was posted. Six of them have no replies, even though some of those six topics are really good ones for discussion. Of the seven with replies, some are engaging in debate with me.
    It’s a small sample, but it seems like a little debate stirs more replies, not less. I know I would normally have replied to 2 or 3 more of the more interesting posts, if I weren’t a little gun shy at the moment.
    It just seems like a shame when no one comments on juicy topics like pension funds, and the FCC. I mean, if no one else wants to, I will.
    Anyway, food for thought.

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