3 thoughts on “Come And Get Me Out Of Here

  1. We have very similar musical tastes. I was only a nominal fan of Boingo until I saw them live at Red Rocks here in Colorado in….89?
    Like almost everyone else there, I went to see their opening act, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, who at the time I was a big fan of (not any more).
    The Peppers were lame. Flea was sick and puked behind his amp, the show was short, everyone was disappointed, until Oingo Boingo hit the stage.
    They were nothing short of spectacular. They were so tight, and so entertaining, they played for more than two hours and were in top form.
    I became a serious fan after that, and Nothing to Fear, from which Private Life was culled (I’d never seen the video, (I’d like to see one for Let’s Take the Whole Day Off!) is my favorite Boingo album.
    Thanks again, Dave!

  2. Oh, hells yes. I’ve been a Boingo fanboy since I first heard Reptiles And Samurai on KROQ one summer afternoon in 1982.

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