Do the colors work, or should I go back to the green?
Update – OK, how about the left side still green but the right side changed?
Update – OK, how about with the right-side color on the left as well?
Update – OK, now with the same on both sides, but a lighter shade. I might like this one.
Update – OK How about the pink?
Update – OK back to green on the sides. Maybe if I change the pic so the colors match?

21 thoughts on “Colors

  1. Please go back to green. This color scheme doesn’t work for me.
    Just one reader’s opinion.

  2. I told you I don’t like the new style, but it’s not because of the color selection (which I slightly like). It’s the crazy tree image with the unexplained dollar signs and the extremely strange light-colored tree in the center, the significance of which utterly escapes me. I hate it. But not for anything to do with color selection.

  3. WOW! Dave, for some reason my browser didn’t show the new mustard stripe on the right when I composed my comment above. Please, allow me to take back what I said about the color — I thought everyone was discussing the color in the top image — IT’S HORRIBLE.

  4. The yellow’s too loud to read off of, even if it’s just for the sidebars, in my opinion. If it was toned down (that is, made paler), I think it’d help a lot. For example, Steve Gilliard’s blog’s center column is a yellow that’s actually about the same hue as the sidebars here, but much lighter and thus less saturated. That’s a yellow you can read off of fairly easily.
    That said, I miss the green look.
    Also, as long as I’m making requests, please clean up the blog layout or CSS or whatever it is that makes Firefox render the page so slowly… the white background of the center column comes in well after everything else loads.
    I’m just an amateur design/web geek, and I wouldn’t know _how_ to optimize a site’s CSS. But I think it’d help.

  5. The link text in the sidebars is almost impossible to read due to the glare/interaction between the bright yellow and the “blue?” text link color… I run my screen at a high resolution, so the text was hard enough to read as it is.
    I preferred the green, just because it was less “hot” and didn’t jump off the page so much…
    I don’t get the single tree in the middle either? I like the $ now that I notice them, though.

  6. I think I get the single tree bit.
    You can’t see the forest for the trees, the tree seems to be more prominent and if you think about it you loose sight of the big picture.

  7. Oh, I get it, the dollar signs represent all the income dollars the left wants to take away from us in their ill-conceived, pork-laden, and universially-failed social programs.

  8. I wish that were true, Dave. But, in reality, I am just a self-employed schulb who watches a huge amount of his income be eaten up by taxes that go into pork-laden bullcrap programs for the unproductive of our society.

  9. Sez Helga: the new colors work just fine, and I LOVE the dollar signs between the trees Dave!
    Thanks for a great site which I visit each and every day even if I don’t always comment.

  10. Pork-laden bullcrap programs for the unproductive of our society? Pericles must mean the billions upon billions in corporate welfare handed out through the Defense Department, NASA, etc. that dwarf funding for social services. Or is he referring to Medicare, and all those unproductive old people who worked hard all their lives?
    Or perhaps he’s just ignorant of the actual numbers? Take the City of Santa Cruz, for example, where “social services” funding amounts to $500,000 out of a budget of $120 million or so.
    No, the working folks of America aren’t getting soaked by the “unproductive” – they’re getting soaked by the rich and the powerful, the folks who have the knowledge and connections to “game” the system.

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