Code Words

Code words over at | Republican National Committee
Over on the right side, inder Recent News Releases:

• 06.30.06 The Real Dem Agenda: House Democrats Put The New York Times First, America’s National Security Second
• 06.29.06 Dem Donor George Soros Discounts War On Terror
• 06.26.06 The Real Dem Agenda: Blame America

New York? George Soros? I wonder what they’re getting at?

1 thought on “Code Words

  1. Dave, that somewhat explains some of what I am running up against here in my own back yard. I know that the con job they are running on people who aren’t doing computers is very bad abd oh so effective. I am talking about people who have known, trusted and loved me for years on end looking at me with bitter tears in their eyes and blasting me with shaky voices about the liberals wanting to give all their hard earned money away and how the “greenies” have too much power.
    I don’t know exactly what is fueling this beast, but it is one of the meanest, ugliest most spiteful things I have ever seen.

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