COBRA Subsidy Expiring – Hundred Of Thousands Will Lose Insurance

In two weeks the first wave of unemployed who qualified for COBRA health insurance subsidies under the “stimulus plan” will start losing their health insurance, and Congress has not acted.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans will start losing their health insurance each month as their COBRA subsidies expire.

Of course, these unemployed people can keep their insurance – if they can afford to pay the hundreds of dollars it will cost after the subsidy expires. In many cases the cost of COBRA insurance exceeds the amount a standard 2-week unemployment check.
Congress has an opportunity to give regular people a small, small bit of help here. Of course, they may be more interested in shoveling out more checks to the wealthy. Last week Congress extended unemployment benefits. The $2.4 billion cost was dwarfed by the $20 billion in checks going directly or indirectly to big corporations that was included in the bill – including a flat-out “gift” to big home building corporations.

1 thought on “COBRA Subsidy Expiring – Hundred Of Thousands Will Lose Insurance

  1. Cobra subsidies have now been extended. I’m not sure if this is the final time, but as may of you know…Cobra is damn expensive!
    On a side note…Ohio Open Enrollment is now open (through the Ohio Dept. of Insurance) for those that feel they are uninsurable and Cobra has been exhausted.

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