I know it’s election night, but look what these clowns did. The White House doctored the Mission Accomplished speech video so it doesn’t show the Mission Accomplished sign anymore!
PS Here’s the White House page. Click “View.”

2 thoughts on “Clowns

  1. They showed part of it on the news yesterday, with the Mission Accomplished sign still there. Apparently the original version still exists, too.
    This is weird, because, after all, the mission WAS accomplished! Saddam was deposed, and the Iraqi army disbanded. It was after this that the most hideous mistakes were made.

  2. This conjecture is not true. Firstly, McIntee shows no original video, and secondly:
    (wait to see some of the speech. The banner is way too high to film)
    I know the White House has “cleaned” many things on their web page, but this is not one of those things. McIntee would have done himself and the rest of us better if he’d looked at an original video before posting on YouTube.
    My conclusion is: hoax. The White House did not “crop out” the embarassing banner, and the black box covers news graphics.

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