This is Dave from Boston. I wrote this last night, pretty late.

Clinton. OK, so I’m a political blogger. I’m supposed to write about The Speech. But what is there to say? Clinton. OK? The big dog barked. You saw it. There just isn’t anything left to say. I was there, but you saw it on TV (so you actually got to hear all of it.) And if you didn’t see it on TV you’re probably not a person who is reading a political weblog. So you aren’t here.

What’s to say? You’re floored. I’m floored. He’s the best. As Richard would say, “Period, end of story.”

After, a few of us went out looking for food and beer. So in the wisdom of the owners of restaurants of Boston they all closed JUST before a crowd of approximately 20,000 people came flooding out of the Fleet convention center toward downtown, all hungry and looking for food.

Finally, after maybe an hour walking around Boston the Long Warf Marriott bar had food. But there’s a funny story about this trek, because on the way there we passed by a large crowd with a lot of lights next to Faniuel Hall, and it turns out it’s the Hardball show live. And we’re too busy looking for food to stop and watch so we try to go around the crowd, and we get behind where the show is and we see from behind who it is on the show and there’s Joe Trippi sitting there. Obviously a commercial is on, so we all start saying, “He Joe, we’re bloggers from the convention” and stuff like that so he comes over to that end of the back of the stage to talk to us. He asked if we’re hanging around but we said no we’re looking for food and does he know anywhere open? (The mind becomes incredibly concentrated after a day with no food.) But he’s got to go back on before the commercial break ands, and we simply have to find food, so we go our different ways. He says he’ll see us at the”Blogger Bash” Wednesday night.

Beer and food and gossip about other bloggers (never mind that) at the Marriott. At about 1:30am I started walking across town. (Remember, this is only 10:30 California time – still too late for me but before the Daily Show is on at home.) Tom said something about walking through town at night, getting mugged… Christian asked if the computer is insured. So I’m walking down alleys, through the middle of the Commons, trying to get someone to hit me on the head and take the damn computer…