Climate Change, Kyoto, Copenhagen, China

I think this is a significant post from Natasha, who is on her way to Copenhagen to cover the climate treaty talks: Is China Still A Developing Nation? |
The details of climate treaties are complex and wonky, but important. There is a “Clean Development Mechanism” in the Kyoto treaty, which helps developing nations get the money to develop clean energy sources. China qualifies as a developing nation, and has been getting the bulk of the subsidies. Is this appropriate? Read her post.

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  1. I wanted to pass on information that Canada should be reporting to the UN Members in Copenhagen.
    Buildings are legally designed for regional temperatures and the emissions they generate depend on that regional climatic data. Did you know academia is blind to temperature?
    We are supposed to reflect solar radiation when we build or the building will be “radiated”. We did several years of work looking for the cause of urban heat islands and how they use energy fighting them. Here is a link to show what solar radiation does to absorbent building finishes, at the end of the page is a forestry cut block being radiated and generating extreme heat. Watch the 3rd infrared time-lapsed video and it will show you what happens on the inside of a building that becomes an urban heat island. This isn’t how forestry products are to be represented, it is illegal, we just couldn’t see it.

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