Clearing Something Up

As you know I am not a Hillary or an Obama supporter. However, I feel the need to clear this up. At BuzzFlash: Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama: Who is Better at “Framing” Progressive Issues?,

Clinton spent many years as a corporate lawyer for the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock. . . . She has said that she has been an agent of change because she has worked with the likes of Bill Frist.

Hillary Clinton was appointed to the Board of the Legal Services Corporation by Jimmy Carter in 1978. Legal Services provides legal aid to the poor, working to ensure voting rights, as well as suing corporations on their behalf.
At the Rose Law Firm she worked on patent infringement and intellectual property, not corporate law. While there she worked for free on child advocacy issues. At the time,

Rodham maintained her interest in children’s law and family policy, publishing the scholarly articles “Children’s Policies: Abandonment and Neglect” in 1977 and “Children’s Rights: A Legal Perspective” in 1979. The latter continued her argument that legal competence of children depended upon their age and other circumstances, and that in cases of serious medical rights judicial intervention is sometimes warranted. An American Bar Association chair later said, “Her articles were important, not because they were radically new but because they helped formulate something that had been inchoate.”Historian Garry Wills would later term her “one of the more important scholar-activists of the last two decades”, while conservatives said her theories would usurp traditional parental authority, allow children to file frivolous lawsuits against their parents, and considered her work part of legal “crit” theory run amok.
Rodham co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, a state-level alliance with the Children’s Defense Fund, in 1977.[

There, that clears that up.