Clearing Something Up

The reaction from “our side” to the Berger smear should be to simply ignore it. We have a bigger fish to fry. The 9/11 Report came out today and every single one of us should be speaking loudly, saying, “This report says that Bush was ‘asleep at the switch’ and let 9/11 happen!”

We should do this for three simple reasons:

1) It is what the report says.

2) Bush was asleep at the switch and let 9/11 happen.

3) It is the right thing to be doing, for the good of the country and for our own protection.

They have planned this Berger smear for months. They are using it to claim that Clinton was responsible for 9/11. They are using it to manipulate the voters. They are using it to distract us all from the conclusions in the report – and when we spend time on the Berger smear that is exactly what is happening to us.

“Our side” has a RESPONSIBILITY to overcome their distractions and get the truth out.