Cleaning Up Republican Messes

I took a break from work and was clicking through the channels, and stopped on Crossfire for a minute. Right-winger guest Tony Blankley was saying that Clinton’s “failure to nip bin Laden in the bud” will damage his reputation in the future.

How many variations of “9/11 was Clinton’s fault” have you heard? Well, let’s nip THIS in the bud right now.

Here’s a 1998 story about bin Laden’s Bush/Reagan CIA training and funding. This is just one of many such stories.

Once again, Clinton is being scapegoated by the people who created the mess in the first place, because he didn’t sufficiently clean it up for them. For example, while he managed to bring us the longest economic expansion in history, as well as starting to pay down the debt, he didn’t make the economy strong ENOUGH to withstand what Bush was going to do to it. So they say the economic mess is Clinton’s fault.

Reagan and Bush funded and trained the Afghan resistance, including bin Laden, and then dropped them, no follow-up, didn’t even get the shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles back from them. Now they blame Clinton for not seeing what bin Laden was going to do ON BUSH’S WATCH and doing more to prevent it — even though Clinton had made bin Laden the #1 priority, and was going around the country giving speeches warning about terrorism, and trying to get anti-terrorism bills passed that the Republicans were filibustering. (One they filibustered because Clinton wanted tags in explosives so we could learn where bombs were made.)

So it’s all Clinton’s fault because he didn’t clean up the Republican mess ENOUGH.