Clean Money In California – A Great Ad

There is a “Clean Money” ballot initiative in California – Proposition 89. Naturally the big-money groups are running ad after ad against it. California Progress Report writes about the reception of a new ad the pro-89 people are running, which points out that everyone is being pounded by ads BECAUSE California needs to pass Prop-89,

“Stop The Pounding is a brilliant piece of political jiujitsu,” said Bob Brigham, internet expert for the Clean Money Now, Yes on 89 campaign. “It takes the context of the election where voters are being pounded by ads from big tobacco and big oil and potentially transforms each advertising moment into a reminder for voters to go pick their pounded selves off the floor and get to the polls on November 7th to do something about this by voting for Proposition 89.”
Stop the Pounding takes direct aim at what has become the dominant factor in many elections nationally, as well as in California elections: the ceaseless avalanche of misleading ads that distort our political process. In California, the vast majority of ads are financed by big corporations in an attempt to overwhelm voters and buy elections. Drug companies spent more that $80 million to defeat prescription drug reform in 2005. This year spending for and against Prop. 87 has already smashed that record, and Prop. 86 ads are not far behind. Among the contributors, Chevron, Philip Morris, RJ Reynolds, all have spent over $20 million.

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  1. I have voted against Prop 89. While I am in favor of campaign finance reform and even public financing of campaigns as part of a larger package of reforms, I voted against this Proposal because if its intentional bias against third party and independent candidates.
    The Democrats were tossed from Congress in 1994, the Republicans will likely be tossed from Congress this year and what has changed for the better?? Prop 89 is a two party entrenchment law that makes it harder to remove those who would continue to fail us.
    The legislative analysis states clearly that any distributions to third party/independent candidates would only be half that to either Democrat or Republican candidates. What are the two parties (or the nurses union who wrote this)afraid of??
    Over the past 40 years, voter registrations have risen by 15.2% and nearly all of them (14.8%) have chosen decline to state/non-partisan because the two established parties no longer represent them.
    The latest poll shows a Congressional approval of just 16%!! That’s both parties failing the people!! The two-headed mafia that is Congress must be slain.
    The same entrenched incompetence that permeates Congress has its roots in State politics. Prop 89 only makes the entrenched failures stronger.

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