Civil Rights Hero John Lewis Calls For Urban Marshall Plan

Hat tip to Paul Rosenberg at MyDD. In a Newsweek op-ed, This Is a National Disgrace, civil rights hero John Lewis, Lewis, Congressmember from the Fifth District of Georgia recalls his own experience, our history, and the glaring contrast between how we go to war vs. how we care for our own cities. We need a Marshal Plan, not just for New Orleans, Lewis writes, but for urban America as a whole, with New Orleans as a model:

I was headed to New Orleans as a Freedom Rider in May of 1961. It would’ve been my first visit, but we were arrested in Jackson, Miss., and never made it. In happier times, though, I have been able to visit New Orleans over the years. It’s one of my favorite cities, one of the great Southern cities….
It’s very painful for me to watch and read about what is happening. I have a sense of righteous indignation. I think all Americans should rise up and speak out. It’s not like 9/11 that just happened. We saw this in the making….

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  1. Civil Rights Hero Calls for Marshall Plan

    Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), cutting to the chase:
    We’ve got to do more than the $10 billion that Congress appropriated. We need a massive Marshall-type plan to rebuild New Orleans.

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