Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan is the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq. She is camping out outside of Bush’s vacation ranch in Crawford, Texas, asking to talk to him, to explain why we are in Iraq. People from around the country are spontaneously joining her. and Gold Star Families for Peace.
Shakespeare’s Sister has a roundup of blogs writing about Cindy Sheehan here. Go take a look.
Also visit the Big Brass Alliance, an alliance of bloggers who support After Downing Street, asking that Bush be impeached based on the revelations in the Downing Street Memo.
There was a blogger conference call with Cindy Sheehan yesterday, and you can listen to a recording of it here.
Please visit these websites — and tell others. If you can join Cindy in Crawford that would be a tremendous statement.
Update – At 10:30 CDT today there was a press conference with seven other mothers of fallen soldiers who have joined Cindy in Crawford “to pressure President Bush to meet with them and explain his justification for the war.” From the press release,

Today in Crawford, TX, more military families joined Cindy Sheehan, mother of a soldier who died in Iraq, to demand President Bush meet with them and explain why their sons died. All the families have sons, daughters or husbands who have died in the war or are on scheduled duty. Two principal architects of the war, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Condolezza Rice, also arrived in Crawford today to meet with the President.
“All I want is for President Bush to take one hour out of his vacation and meet with me before another mother’s son dies in Iraq,” Cindy Sheehan, mother of the late Private Casey Sheehan who has been holding a vigil outside the President’s ranch in Crawford for five days. “You don’t use our country’s precious sons and daughters unless it’s absolutely necessary to defend America. Mr. President, it is time to level with the American people: why did we go to war, why have so many died, and when are they coming home?”
While Cindy’s vigil began alone, more families are arriving every day to demand answers. The expanding group currently includes thirteen mothers, seven of whom had sons killed in Iraq.
“The President says our loved ones died for a noble cause but that’s not good enough,” said Jean Prewitt of Birmingham, AL, who lost her son, Private Kelly Prewitt, in the first weeks of the war. “America is less safe now than before we attacked Iraq. President Bush has only fueled the hatred of extremists,” she continued.
Celeste Zappala, of Pennsylvania, who lost her son in Iraq also recently arrived in Crawford and said “When we buried my son, I vowed to him I would tell the truth, this war is a betrayal of our military and of the democracy they seek to protect. I am here to uphold the honor and memory of my son, Sgt. Sherwood Baker and insist that we find accountability for this conflict and bring the troops home now.
“We made the ultimate sacrifice. All we want is a meeting with him,” said Sheehan.

2 thoughts on “Cindy Sheehan

  1. cindy sheehan has alzheimers

    turns out our lord and president is a murderer. cindy “the crawford creeper” sheehan has accused george of “killing her son”.

  2. Cindy,
    Your son Casey rose his right hand and swore an oath to you and the people of the US to protect and defend the rights of all americans. What you are doing is a disgrace to his name and many others who have died for this country. Where were you when he raised his hand were you protesting then? Or… were you supporting your son and his beliefs. Please Cindy stop this debacle… the marring of innocent kids out there defending your right to protest.
    Mourn your son on your own in private. Don’t make this a personal stand you are another person out there standing in division of a Country.
    Remember 9/11 how about those families that are mourning loved ones from a terrorist attack that your son went to defend against.
    Please STOP! YOU are hurting this nation with your division.
    Thank god you are in the minority. You are a very fickle and sad woman.

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