"Christmas in Cambodia": the musical

This “Christmas in Cambodia” bullshit is so funny that we need to get it made into musical or a screwball comedy. Mel Brooks (78 years young) is the right guy for the job. Work in the Dead Kennedys song “Holiday in Cambodia” (thanks Yglesias, don’t think that you’re not appreciated!) Get “They Might Be Giants” and Jello Biafra to write a few sharp new songs.

The trolls are losing it over this. They think that this is the killer issue, bigger than Watergate, bigger than the Teapot Dome, bigger than Aaron Burr’s treason. They think that they’ve finally found the magic bullet that will kill Kerry and along with him, liberalism.

They’re nuts. They’re arguing over ten or twenty miles of distance on an unmarked border. They’re arguing about a week or two one way or another in a mushy international French-Vietnamese-American holiday season. “On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me”, etc. Who cares? What a bunch of bozos.

They’re howling at the moon. Pretty soon they’re going to start biting themselves. Grab a chair, pop some popcorn, and enjoy the fun.