Christianity “Official” Religion, Birth Control Ban

In case there is any misundertanding about where the Republicans are trying to take us, see Christianity as the Official “Majority Religion” of Missouri
and Access to Birth Control under attack!

1 thought on “Christianity “Official” Religion, Birth Control Ban

  1. It’s really the Roman Catholic church that has banned birth control, and managed to make it illegal in many states until fairly recently. Their argument was that it formed a barrier between the sperm and the egg, thus thwarting God’s will. Heh! Considering the number of birth control failures, God’s will is pretty hard to thwart, if he gives a damn anyway.Women (or I should say families; men are involved in this too) had to order stuff from other states.
    The latest argument by the crazed fundies against birth control seems to be that it encourages teens to have sex. Be sure to check out this week’s issue of the New Yorker for the article about the Bush administration and its attitude towards science and scientists. This is a long and very important article, so be sure to get a copy.

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