Chris Thomas Is Not Silenced

Chris Thomas getting arrested in DC last weekend:

As you can see, Chris wasn’t going to be silenced. I think toward the end there the cops arresting him were chanting too.
Quiz: What does Chris want, and when?
He writes,

There were a lot of arrests in DC last week. By my count there were at least 230 in 4 different actions. I thought my blogging friends might like to hear about them.
As far as my arrest, I actually only decided to cross the police line after I saw Colonel Ann Wright go over the wall and get arrested first (that was after many Vets from Iraq Veterans Against the War first crossed the line).
As you probably know, Colonel Wright was a career military woman (30 years) and was one of three State Department officials who resigned after the Iraq invasion. It actually was really inspiring and humbling to be in a DC “jail” with people who have been arrested many, many times. Probably 70% of the group were women, 15% Veterans (mostly men), and 15% other men. Many of the women were grandmothers. One of them, Maddie, was 84. 90% of the Capitol police were nice. They are on our side, but their superiors seem to be cracking down on activists. (One Codepinker was arrested on Friday for having “No War” pinned to her shirt while walking into the Jefferson Memorial. She was released 24 hours later with paper work that indicated that they “declined to proceed with prosecution” (huh?). They kept us in cuffs on a bus for five hours, then uncuffed us and put us on metal chairs for four more hours. They finally began processing us out at 3 AM (11 hours after our arrest) and finally fed us – get this – bologna, mayo and white bread sandwiches at 5 AM. I got out at 6:30 AM
I went to a teach-in on Thursday where Daniel Ellsberg spoke. He said an action in Iran in the next 15 months is “likely” and stopping that action should be our highest priority. If we take action on this Muslim country, we will do that much more to recruit a generation of people who hate the US.

Another video from last weekend: