Cheney suppression in Oregon: smart move!

“If you’re looking for Vice President Dick Cheney’s photo and statement in the Oregon Voters’ Pamphlet, it’s not there.

Fred Neal, pamphlet supervisor at the state Elections Division, said Wednesday that the 40-page booklet, mailed to Oregon voters Tuesday night, lacks a separate section on President George W. Bush’s running mate because Republicans decided not to file the material……..

Neal said he made an effort to alert Republicans to the Aug. 24 deadline for placing Cheney’s photo, personal information and a statement in the pamphlet. He said he talked to Amy Casterline, executive director of the Oregon Republican Party, to call her attention to the deadline.

Neal said he called her back on Aug. 25. She told Neal she talked to national party officials and that they decided not to file a Cheney statement.

“It certainly perplexed us,” Neal said.”

“Voters’ Pamphlet leaves Cheney out”, Portland Oregonian, Oct. 14, 2004