Cheney, Alcohol and Shooting a Man in the Face with a Shotgun

Hiding From The Breathalyzer,

He was drinking all day:

Cheney said he drank a beer with lunch the day of the shooting, according to his interview. … after the accident occurred, [he] fixed himself a cocktail.”

…the secret service “made an appointment” with the sheriff’s office for the next day and ran off the deputy who showed up to interview Cheney at the ranch.

Cheney drank before shooting his pal,

Cheney must consume a virtual cocktail of drugs every day because of his heart condition. I wonder what kind of reaction throwing alcohol into the mix might have.

Dick Cheney’s Delay,

What is the most likely thing to happen during a 14 hour delay that is worth the negative publicity? One possibility is that it takes approximately that period of time for alcohol to dissipate in the body and no longer be subject to accurate testing. It is fairly common for people involved in alcohol-related accidents to delay reporting them until the alcohol has left the body.

If The Shooter Was Tight, You Must Indict

From the NRA website:

Never use alcohol or over-the-counter, prescription or other drugs before or while shooting.

6 thoughts on “Cheney, Alcohol and Shooting a Man in the Face with a Shotgun

  1. [Cross posted at Wampum too]:
    My take? For whatever reason, he shot the ‘liberal lawyer/lobbyist’ (Ivins description), at almost point blank range. Harry’s lucky to be alive, and he knows it. They briefly showed the shot dispersal pattern on a vic sheet, describing the injury. There hardly was any dispersal of the shot on that document. Most of the shot showing in the chest area, probably 50-100 accounted for right there, with lesser impacts to the face& neck. I don’t know if Cheney was drunk, but I do know that most of the ‘cover story’ by way of his explanation is just pure BS. I’d say that if he had any sort of motive, it’d certainly look deliberate.
    Now, think of hunting at or around dusk after downing a few brews and some of the 1,200 birds you would finish off by the end of the hunt. Trying to finish up on the day. A bit harried, possibly a bit tipsy. Running 2 simultaneous hunts with 2 separate teams. Always dangerous even in good light. Probably most of the party w/o all the proper stamps, all drinking or at least tired. Doing ‘drive by’ hunting in a aristocratic drive & go manner. As Paul Begala puts it, an accident waiting to happen thru arrogant negligence. Sounds familiar somehow. The lies, the cover-ups, the successful media manipulation thru limited exposure. Again. And again. Until they kill someone imporant. On TV. In living color. Only then will it matter to our preening millionaries in the press. Harry W. came damn close to being killed. Only his clothing will be able to tell the tale. They’ve got powder burns on them, and the remains of the shot wad in them. They’ve probably been well disposed of or at the very least cleaned by now. They would be able to tell the tale. Cheers, ‘VJ’

  2. If evidance is tampered with in any way the V.P. should be charged, held incmunicodo, denied a rit of habiscorpus an left languishing in jail like other americans we know of indefanatly.
    If evidance is tampered with.

  3. This is laughable! Paranoid Liberals with all your conspiracy theories on all issues. You would have a chnace to win an election if you didn’t let so many nut jobs into your tent. Bush/Cheney are Nazis, they are spying on innocent Americans, they are giving tax breaks to only the rich. Give me a break! This is why you don’t win elections. You are fruitcakes. You would love nothing better if your conspiracy theory were true, but alas, it isn’t. Hate is not how you will win. You must have an ideology that is sound and not all over the board with whacko statements, lies, propaganda, etc.
    Try moving out of mommy and daddy’s house and getting a job and pay taxes before you make absurd comments. By the way, learn how to spell you illiterate wannabe gangster rappers with an identity crisis!

  4. Dave,
    You are a totally irresponsible poster. You have no basis in fact whatsoever to perpetuate the alcohol speculation, as Cheney has been cleared and any such wrongdoing by legal authority. It’s been in all the media reports.
    You folks need to quit lying and start commenting on the up-and-up. You would think you would want to post with at least some sense of honor considering Bush & Cheney are out in 2008. You’re bashing leaders that will be gone instead of promoting the democrat vision (what that is we don’t really know). What’s the sense in going low road with an open shot at the White House coming up?

  5. Between them Cheney & Bush have 4 or 5 DUI arrests. Cheney has at least 3 DUI convictions. All this was covered up by the MSM, as was Bush’s desertion of the TX Air National Guard during wartime [See here: Alberto Gonzales is the AG today only because he prevented Bush from testifying to his DUI arrests Under oath during a trial where he was called as a juror while Gov. Gonzales lied & covered up for him, a prerequisite for any high ranking job in the Bush administration. So undoubtedly Cheney Lied about what happened, and there was another of a long series of successful Bush coverups. Where are Harry’s clothing? Shouldn’t they be part of any investigation here? Does anyone actually watch CSI? Ever see a program where a big mucky muck was TOTALLY EXEMPT FROM *ANY* SERIOUS QUESTIONING?? Think about it guys. This says coverup. It practically screams it. It was a news distraction to get Cheney’s Treason off the front pages. Hey, sacrifices must be made, right? This is the most criminally corrupt, venally incompetent adminstration in our history. They started a war on a raft of obvious lies that were known at the time, but went unreported by the media establishment. The 2nd VP to ever shoot another man DID nearly kill him at point blank range. And very few people are seriously asking ‘Why’ beyond accepting at face value something Cheney claims with little or no real evidence to back him up. He’s an untrustworthy source, and most American’s argree with that fair assessment. If this had been Al Gore in say 1997, he would have been tried & convicted for assault, and the right wing would still be screaming for his pelt. Make no mistake about it, this IS the Republican Chappaquiddick. Cheers, ‘VJ’

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