Chase Credit Card Scam

Just to let everyone know, here is ANOTHER credit card scam that is being played on people.
I got a Chase Visa card with United miles on it through United Airlines. I noticed a $39 late fee on my bill. But I had set up the auto-pay online, to pay every bill when it was due. They have no excuse, and they will not take the fee off – and there is no one you can complain to.
Check your bill for late fees. They put them on your bill whether you are late or not, and you can’t do anything about it. I asked what I can do to complain about the fee and they gave me the phone number of the comptroller of the currency. In other words, “Too bad, So sad.”

4 thoughts on “Chase Credit Card Scam

  1. The OCC complaint process works. I’ve used it. If you’re right (that the fee was erroneous), you’ll get resolution. In fact you’ll probably get the money back even if you’re wrong. Banks don’t like to hear from their regulators and they’ll resolve the issue ASAP.
    But of course if you really were late with your payment, then you’re engaging in a bit of libel here – aren’t you?

  2. To be clear, as I wrote in the post, I set up auto-payment at their website.

  3. Had a little problem with one of the biggest banks in the US. $2 unexplained charge on end of month statement for June. Couldn’t get anyone to stay on the line and blew a gasket when I was riding 50 mg of Valium.
    Went to the store, bought a $101 throw away card and went to a internet cafe. Contacted a real dirty site. For $100, I got the President of the banks name, home phone numbers listed and unlisted, a reference to his home address on Google maps and the numbers of all of his neighbors.
    Called his wife and explained my little problem. Within an hour my cellphone was ringing like crazy and I had 8 to 12 email messages.
    Now I have a personal banker who can handle ANY problems that I have.
    Checked the wife’s unpublished phone number, it is out of service.

  4. I have always been able to get charges like that reverse, usually with a polite request and then a threat to cancel the card. Sounds like Chase is the epitome of a bad corporation. Cancel the sucker. And never use autopay – it is impossible to stop it.

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