Character Assassination

Today’s anti-Jewish character assassination smear-job from The Party: You’ve Got the Wrong Jesus, Howard.

Previous post on this subject, with previous example.

“It doesn’t matter WHO the Democrats nominate, it matters how that candidate responds to Republican character assassination. That’s what Republicans DO.”

And previous warning that this is what Republicans DO, in “Getting It“:

“”Getting it,” in this election, means understanding the new political environment of a near-fascist right controlling the White House, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Courts, the Justice Department, blocking any and all oversight or investigations into their abuses of power, using the FBI as their investigative arm, the military as their international enforcement arm, and the major broadcast and print media as their propaganda organ. It means understanding that smears, threats and intimidation are the favored tactic of The Party. Understanding that there is nothing The Party will not do, even politicizing the national tragedy of 9/11 and using it to justify a pre-planned war in an unrelated country, all the while using THAT to manipulate an election.”

These are trees. See the Forest. This is what Republicans DO. Don’t listen to the words, they are only designed to confuse. Watch what they DO.

Update – A commenter in another post pointed out this similar smear.