Character Assassination As Election Tactic

Daily Kos writes about the right-wing “Wurlitzer” that will attack all the non-Bush candidates in 2004. From the Daily Kos piece:

I’ve always said I will support the candidate that can best fight back against the Wurlitzer, since 2004 will be nasty. Remember that Rove hopes to amass a $250 million warchest to pummel the eventual Democrat nominee to the ground.

My jury is still out on Kerry (who may be hoping that nobody is paying attention to the early character assassination being waged by the Boston Globe). Edwards has been doing a great job rebutting the “trial lawyer” slurs.

Dean now gets his turn at bat, though the “he’s a liar” meme is just a tast of what’s to come. Just wait until the “Civil Unions” slurs and innuendo begin.

I think he is exactly right. My very first blog piece about “the forest” had this:

Let’s see if we can see the forest. Look back to the 2000 election. Step back and look at the candidates. The Democrat’s candidate was a well respected, well liked, extremely experienced, Vietnam vet, former seminary student, character beyond reproach, faithfully married family man, foreign policy expert, with many accomplishments including being the person in the Congress most responsible for advancing the Internet… The Republicans ran a foul-mouthed thoroughly inexperienced scandal-ridden (Harken oil, Rangers stadium, recipient of bribes directed at his father) failed businessman, continuously bailed out of jams by his father’s connections, draft-dodger (worse, he got into the Nat. Guard through connections and then played hooky!), former drunk, probable drug-user, kids constantly in trouble, with a campaign entirely financed by large corporations obviously looking for favors.

But by election time the only issue was “character”, and the character in question was the Democratic candidate’s! That’s the forest.

I’m still wondering what Gore was thinking. Clinton WON because he set up a “war room” to respond to character assasination attacks. Awareness that the right uses character assasination as a tactic to win elections was part of the strategy from day one! Did Gore somehow miss that? Then we saw 8 long years of massive, well-funded character assasination against Clinton. Did Gore somehow miss that? So in the 2000 election how did Gore respond to the character assasination directed against him? HE DIDN’T RESPOND!

Daily Kos is exactly right. The candidate that runs against Bush must be ready, willing and eager to fight back against right-wing character assasination! That is number uno on my list of qualities I want to see in a candidate.

The individual lies are just trees. See the forest: THEY LIE!