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  1. Now if the DEMS were smart they would launch a pre-emptive strike against the Repubs telling the American public that they will be “changing the subject”….
    but alas they will not and get their sorry asses handed to them in the midterms…its time for a change in the DEM leadership…..Pelosi and Reid are way too cautious given the current problems this admin and repub congress are facing….
    DEFINE YOURSELVES FIRST before Rove and crew DEFINE YOU…..
    THAT IS THE LESSON TO BE LEARNED FROM 2002 and 2004…..sadly the DEMS still dont get it….

  2. If the Dems are really smart, they won’t do anything and let the Repugs stay in power until they completely self-destruct. The pattern has been for the Repugs to fuck up, the public gets disgusted and elects the Democrats, who then self-righteously clean up the mess, get everything back into good financial shape, and then, for ideological reasons, the Repugs get back in power, cut taxes, (Reagan) wreck the economy, get into wars, (BOTH Bushes) turn the country back into a wasteland, and the Dems get elected again just long enough to clean things up again. This pattern has got to stop. It’s just too Freudian — Mama cleaning up after the dirty little kids poop in their pants. Time for some toilet training..

  3. Normally, changing the subject relies on there only being one other subject from which to distract people from. But at this point in time, there are so many things going on trying to change the subject just will not work.

  4. Monday, March 20, 2006
    All Democrats, and People who want a change in Government
    Dear Folks,
    I want to start by pointing out I am a reformed Republican. In other words, I am a new Democrat. Why, because this Administration has taken every once of faith I had and turned it against them by constant, and ongoing lying. Yes, I said lying!!! Today’s Bush speech points directly to that. He basically says the war in Iraq is going fine, and we should not worry, he has things under control. The second thing that jumps out at me, is his statement that he never said Saddam had anything to do with 9-11, or terrorist. I point directly to his January 28th, 2003 state of the Union speech. Where he says twice, Saddam is tied to 9-11, and terrorism. I assure you there are many, many more examples of this lying. Especially if you go look at Cheney’s speeches. Cheney has said it continually, and almost daily.
    The biggest problem is the Republican Party has been hijacked by bush. 99.9% of the so called Republicans in Congress have switched to the bush party and never told anyone. It is very easy to see. They are the ones who parrot what bush/cheney say over and over. People like Ken Mehlman, the RNC, he was on CNN today saying the same words bush/cheney have used in the past. The Congress thinks they can get all their work done in 97 days because they just give bush what ever he wants, no questions asked!!! Their policy is to try and scare everyone into voting bush party or the so called Republican party or Congress will go off and impeach bush. Why are they so worried about bush? Because that is the leader of their party, not any so called Republicans.
    The most important thing Democrats can do is link all Republicans with being the bush party, and they will win. We have seen the so called Republican party control over Congress, and what have they done besides voting themselfs raises, and raising the Nation’s debt limit? Nothing, not even asking any questions or holding anyone accountable. As I said, what ever the bush party wants, they get, no questions asked!!! Ken Mehlman today using the same words as bush, like “we can not sit still while threats gather.”
    I am sick of hearing how much better off the Iraqis are while being ignored at home. We are no better off, are we? I think the polls speak for themselfs. The only ones better off are a few Iraqis, and Iran. Bush saying, stay the course is not a policy, nor a plan for getting out of Iraq. He has no war plan. People keep asking when we will get out of Iraq, I can tell you that, it is simple, as soon as Halliburton stops making money! That is when bush will say we should leave, and not before then. He will stay his course of lying to the American public, that we are doing fine, and winning the war. That it is the media’s fault that Americans feel we are losing the war. As long as Halliburton makes money, bush will keep saying as long as he is president we will not abandoned the Iraqi people. Or statements just like that, trying to say whom ever wants to leave is somehow unpatriotic. They, bush/cheney will keep lying saying they never linked 9-11 to Saddam, and Iraq. They will keep lying about everything. He says everyone said Saddam had WMD, ok, but not everyone took us to war, the moron.
    The truth is starting to come out. It is coming out slowly, but it is coming out. It has nothing to do with being bias, or partisan, it is all about the truth, and the lack of accountability. Have you heard the latest? The attorney general has said that bush has the power to order the search of peoples homes, without a warrant? When asked if this has been done, Gonzales would not answer. So we can guess, the answer is yes. Gonzales sites the same authority for the warrantless wiretaps as the authority for this home invasion. When and where is this President going to be told, NO!!!
    This Administration has none nothing right or honest since they have got in power. As I said, I use to be a Republican, but I have to switch to the Democrats because all republicans have changed into bush party members. They continue to support a sad excuse of a president at the expense of the party, and the country. It has come to, support him or be against him. I have chosen, I am against him and everyone who has stood by him, because he has been a horrible leader, and C-in-C. The sooner he is kicked out of office, the better off America would be.
    I mean just look at what he wants to do with immigration, and selling off critical infrastructure in our country. This guy would sell his butt hole to a gay guy for enough money. Lets face it, he is either the gayest guy in the world or the worse President this country has ever had. He can not be both, as the way he puts it. You either put it in him, or you are against him. One or the other, you can not be both. This is the same kind of insane poison he puts out, I wonder how he likes it.
    Darroll W. McKinney
    425 E. McKellips Rd. 337
    Mesa, Arizona 85203
    [email protected]
    PS: Please copy this and send it to all your friends and family. Let me know if I am on track, or what.

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