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Joe Trippi is launching a new organization, Change America, with a mission to “put the spotlight on the corporate and political assault on Americans’ retirement security.”
The first and best example is United Airlines and the company’s treatment of their employee pension plan. In a conference call today Joe said that Change America wants to “spread the word about the raid on United employee pensions, with alarm about how the cascading effect is going to affect all Americans,” because the United pension loss is “just an opening salvo” with many other companies now looking at getting rid of their own pension obligations.

“There are a lot of corporate bad actors in America, but [because of the United pension loss] this is at a critical point. We need to get people to engage, get United to feel the heat, and there will be more points of action soon.” “The connectivity of the net is a powerful force to go after bad actors.”
I recommend a visit to the new site and be sure to sign the petition on the front page. The site the and organization are going to expand and have more to do. In fact, a donation from you would help this process along.
What Joe is talking about is for real. There are even whispers that corporate managers who provide pensions are “incompetent.”
And it isn’t just corporate pensions targeted. In California, Governor Schwarzenegger recently called for an initiative to get rid of “reform” public-employee pensions because they are “too expensive.” In support, the Right is talking about the runaway costs of public pensions.
From the California Republican Party,

public employee pensions are bankrupting local governments and voters don’t want to pay more than they’re already paying. Enough is enough.

And some of their motivation can be found here:

This year’s fight will be between those who want to reform California’s runaway public pension system and those who want to protect organized labor unions.
[. . .] Reforming public pensions could severely restrict the ability of labor unions to influence policy decisions at CalPERS that directly benefit them.

The same kind of rhetoric is showing up in New Jersey, Florida, Illinois and many other states.
Visit Change America.

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  1. I’m Mike Fanfalone and I’m working with Joe Trippi organizing the site to push, from the community level, for corporate responsibility. We launched May 26 highlighting United Airlines’ plundering of employee pensions. Your editorial on the launch drove many to our site….thank you.
    We have since started another initiative… Wal-Mart. Our campaign is to encourage Americans to send a message by not buying back-to-school items later this summer at Wal-Mart in protest for its exploitation of child labor abroad, disrespect for women here, using illegal aliens, and essentially bankrolling this country’s pro school voucher initiatives to divert taxpayer money intended for public education to private schools.
    Please visit and join with actor Danny Glover and sign our pledge to buy your back-to-school items elsewhere this year.
    Thanks for all you do. mike

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