So far you’re not seeing that kind of headline — there’s not much excitement at all. A Google News Chalabi” + “Iran search gets more responses and cover stories from Iran and from Chalabi himself than it gets stories. The always-reliable Evan Bayh doesn’t want to hear about it — he thinks that the American people are tired of hearings. (Was Evan one of the big Chalabi suckers? You sort of guess so, don’t you?)

Chalabi appeared on national TV three times today and is getting the kind of fair treatment in the media that I wish Scott Ritter had gotten. From reading by the tea leaves it seems clear that the hawks and their friends in the media are completely unembarassed and are fighting back — so far, very successfully. (The New York Times, whose Judith Miller was the single biggest journalistic offender, didn’t mention the story at all today.)

Whenever it seems that we’ve finally come to the last straw, it blows away in the wind. My worst nightmare is the same as Karl Rove’s fondest dream: George W. Bush might end up being reelected entirely by the combined votes of the proto-fascists of his core constituency, and the airhead centrists who don’t know, don’t care, and can’t be bothered. If you follow the Bush campaign at all closely, you’ll see that that’s exactly what Rove’s strategy is, and the frightening thing is that it might very well work.