Chalabi story spins out of control

I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on in Iraq right now. Seeing the Forest isn’t normally an up to the minute newsblog, but this is getting so weird that I can’t help myself.

Nobody really knows who ordered the raids on Chalabi. No one really knows who chose Chalabi’s cousin Alawi to be head of state, either. Don’t ask me.

UPDATE: It seems now that Alawi was the American candidate, and that the Iraqis and the UN were presented with a fait accompli. The relationship between the raids on Chalabi and the Alawi nomination still remains unclear: Washington Post.

Chalabi is apparently still in the driver’s seat in Iraq; one of his cousins is in line to be come head of state

Chalabi seemingly in control

Chalabi’s office raided a second time by someone or other

Among the charges against Chalabi is implication in blatant corruption

Raid apparently was by private contractors hired by the State Department

Cheney and Chalabi were very tight buddies, but Chalabi was smarter

Chalabi’s dupe Michael Ledeen of the National Review spins furiously in Chalabi’s defense

An unbelievable performance by David Ignatius: He praises Bush for trying feebly to clean up the mess he made