CEO Prayer

Wealth Bondage: Don’t Blame Me, I’m Born Again:

O I have been a bad bad girl. I raped the commons. I turned the airways into a river of filth. I seared Wealth Bondage into the brains of innocent children. I wrapped the wrists of pre-teens in Yellow Bracelets and led them by the nose. I freed polluters to poison the air and the water. I murdered thousand of species and wrecked God’s Creation. I privatized folklore, song, dance, literature. I sold off the parks to my pals. I corrupted your legislators and stole your democacy. I have bankrupted the nation, and will now scuttle Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. No safety net for you. No taxes for me. Live in fear; live in Terror. Huddle for safety around my boots. I have grown so rich that none, but the massed fury of the multitude could tell me, No. But, hey, I feel bad about it. I’m born again so kiss my ass. Heaven is mine, saith the CEO.

What am I? I am the Goddess of the Market. God loves me. You should too. Don’t blame me you are so completely fucked. It is the will of God. The Godless liberals did it. Blame them, Stupid. God and Market fuck you over in mysterious ways. Bretherin, let us pray.

From Wealth Bondage.