Cease Fire Violation

I posted a lengthy smackdown of the Blueprint Magazine attack on liberals that Dave pointed to earlier today. I posted it at MyDD because I’ve been frustrated at my inability to both add comments to articles by other Seeing the Forest authors as well as my inability to respond to comments about my articles.
Stop by DLC Warmongers Writ Large and make a comment here or there. I also excerpted a large number of quotes from Bilmon’s far superior smackdown, Cease Fire Violation
I share everyone’s frustration at the spam problem Dave has been dealing with. I have no interest whatsoever in being a top down commentator and neither does anyone else here. I cherish robust feedback and vibrant discussion of the critical issues facing America. I know Dave is doing everything in his power to solve that the wingnut spam problem, so we can start generating comments and discussions here at Seeing the Forest.
We all appreciate the patience and diligence of our regular commenters and readers.
Thank-you for being a friend.