Career Change

I have recently changed careers. I have taken a position at a public policy institute, and will be writing more about this soon.

Until June I was VP Marketing at a tech company competing with Microsoft in an age when big companies can purchase their way out of legal verdicts. I wrote one of my personal favorites, The Retirement Plan of the Unemployed Man in the period of unemployment following the demise of my employer.

2.5 years ago Microsoft was convicted of violating antitrust laws but bought a deal with the Bush administration that effectively set aside the verdict. Yesterday Microsoft reported profits more than doubling, based on a new licensing scheme forcing business users to pay even more for their software.

“Results for the first quarter were exceptionally strong, exceeding our expectations,” John Connors, Microsoft’s chief financial officer, said in a statement. “During the quarter, we saw broader customer adoption of our licensing programs than we anticipated, as customers recognized the value of entering into long-term licensing agreements for our products.”

The “value” is that there isn’t any alternative.

After fighting Microsoft, battling right wingers won’t be so bad. At least there are alternatives.