Car-Blogging By the Ocean

I’ve been in Santa Cruz all day (listening to KPIG of course) drinking Chai and getting things done that had to be done. I’ll write something about having a million visitors to Seeing the Forest later, after I get home. [got home too late – I’ll post it tomorrow…]
But I just had to write this. We’re sitting by the ocean in my car watching the sun go down, and I pulled out the computer and sure enough there are two or three houses with open wi-fi connections so I took a picture, downloaded it, and put up this post.
What you see is a picture of my laptop with the screen on the blogging input software, and the ocean out past West Cliff Drive. It’s a really nice day.

Blogging by the ocean. Modern technology…

A little while later:

Update – a while later…

7 thoughts on “Car-Blogging By the Ocean

  1. Many years ago, on a summer day sometime around 1988, I was sitting on Zuma Beach with a friend, she talked me into taking a day off work. I was telling her about the new portable computer and phone technology, and how someday soon, with a laptop computer and a cell phone, I’d be able to do all my work from the beach.
    To my astonishment, my friend said to me, “What the HELL is wrong with you? You’re always griping about being overworked and how you never get any time off, and now here you are sitting on a beautiful beach on a beautiful summer day with a beautiful woman, and you’re talking about bringing your work out HERE? Shut the F*** up and let’s go for a swim!”
    So we did.

  2. How great! I needed that. It’s warmed up to 35 here. No beach right here, but I do have the Hudson across the street, and we do have gorgeous sunsets, too. The huge difference is that you can enjoy beaches and sunsets in gorgeous weather during all those months we’re freezing our butts off. So please keep posting soul-warming photos like those.

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  4. I recognized that scene. 🙂 Interesting how easy it is to find some spare wifi so you can share what you see on the spot, so to speak. Lovely Santa Cruz and West Cliff Drive….. I love the walk along the cliff.

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