Can’t Get Rid Of This Ad

As I wrote last month about the Google Ads that follow me around, everywhere I go online I see Hickey Freeman ads, because once I looked up a Hickey Freeman sport coat on Google. As I wrote,

I am really, really sorry I ever looked up “Hickey Freeman”on Google once, because now I can’t go to almost ANY websites without having to look at Hickey Freeman ads. It’s like they are chasing me around. I’ve been branded on the web as “The Hickey Freeman Guy” I guess.
It’s terrible. I watch a YouTube video and up on the screen pops “Hickey Freeman Sale” or something like that.

One thing for sure, it has made me decide I’ll never, ever buy a Hickey Freeman jacket, because of the creepiness. And that I hate Google now, even more than Facebook, because of the invasion.

1 thought on “Can’t Get Rid Of This Ad

  1. Try search engine Duck Duck Go, they don’t track you, but you still may have to delete cookies regularly.

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