Canadian Healthcare: It’s All About The Patient

Apple’s web site has a feature on how a Canadian health care clinic was able to benefit its patients by converting to a paperless office (running Macs, of course).
Notice what is, and is not talked about, in the article: not one word here about automating health insurance claims, reimbursement paperwork, tracking approvals from insurance companies and appeals of denied claims, optomizing the reimbursement “coding” process, or automating the bill collections process. Instead, it is all about being able to more efficiently serve the patient’s medical needs, and automating the paperwork associated with keeping a patient’s medical records up to date and usable.

Note the language on the sidebar about “Accounting”: “To keep track of expenses, New Vision runs SimplyAccounting” (a low end accounting package, costing as little as $299/yr.). “expenses” is the key word, not “income and expenses”. I bet the “revenue” side of their accounting is vastly more simple (given Canada’s single-payer system) than even that of a small single person American doctor’s office.
59% of American doctors support a national health care program. They want to treat patients, not argue with insurance companies and engage in mortal combat with claims adjusters. I bet 99% of American doctors read this article and think, “God, I wish I had their problems with paperwork.”