Call It A Coup?

Former Reagan Administration official Paul Craig Roberts, America Has Fallen to a Jacobin Coup,

The most important casualties of September 11 are respect for truth and American liberty. Propaganda has replaced deliberation based on objective assessment of fact. The resurrection of the Star Chamber has made moot the legal protections of liberty.
The US invasion of Iraq was based on the deliberate suppression of fact. The invasion was not the result of mistaken intelligence. It was based on deliberately concocted “intelligence” designed to deceive the US Congress, the American public, and the United Nations.

[. . .] There is an even greater cost of the war – the legal system that protects liberty, a human achievement for which countless numbers of people gave their lives over the centuries. The Bush administration used September 11 to whip up fear and hysteria and to employ these weapons against American liberty. The Orwellian-named Patriot Act has destroyed habeas corpus. The executive branch has gained the unaccountable power to detain American citizens on mere suspicion or accusation, without evidence, and to hold Americans indefinitely without a trial.
Foolishly, many Americans believe this power can only be used against terrorists. Americans don’t realize that the government can declare anyone to be a terrorist suspect. As no evidence is required, it is entirely up to the government to decide who is a terrorist. Thus, the power is unaccountable. Unaccountable power is the source of tyranny.
[. . .] The collapse of the institutions that confine government to law and bind it with the Constitution was sudden. The president previous to Bush was impeached by the House for lying about a sexual affair. If we go back to the 1970s, President Richard Nixon had the decency to resign when it came to light that he had lied about when he first learned of a minor burglary. Bush’s failures are far more serious and numerous; yet, Bush has escaped accountability.

This is just excerpts. Go read it.

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  1. The Bush administration is making Reagan appointees look good.
    What?!? The Reagan administration of Iran-Contra? Of John Poindexter? Of Anne Gorsuch, the EPA administrator who was forced to resign and later imprisoned? The Reagan administration where Reagan said “trees pollute” (based on “deliberation based on objective assessment of fact,” of course)? The Reagan administration that refused to enforce OSHA which led to skyrocketing lawsuits (which Republicans blamed on trial attorneys and the victims)? The Reaganomics Reagan administration? Bush is making THAT Reagan administration look good?
    Well, shit.

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