California Legislature passes Equal Marriage Bill

[The story I hear from inside is that they had a caucus from which several members came back quite hoarse, after the vote was delayed several times during the day. -Thomas]
Via KQED (and a few stops in between, and slightly edited):
Governor Schwarzenegger will now have to weigh in on perhaps the biggest social debate in the nation, as the California Legislature becomes the first body of its kind in the nation to approve a measure allowing same-sex couples (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) to legally marry. AB 849 was Assemblymember Mark Leno’s (D-SF) second attempt this year, and this time he lined up the requisite 41 votes in the Assembly. The vote came just after 7:00pm, long after many reporters had filed their stories for the day. Key to the passage were “aye” votes from six Democrats who last time either voted no, or did not vote.

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