BuzzFlash Editorial

I’ve been reading the BuzzFlash Editorial, They Brazenly Lie, Without Apology and Without Shame: You Know Who We’re Talking About.

It’s worth reading. However, I have a disagreement. The editorial says, “But did the Democrats take to the airwaves and scream to the high heavens that Bush was betraying the American people by accusing the Democrats of “obstructing” a Department of Homeland Security? Hell, no, that would have forced the Democrats to get angry and shout a little, which is just too uncivilized for their way of thinking. Sometimes we get the feeling that Tom Daschle and Dick Gephardt think that it is just too crude to point out the relentless lying and hypocrisy of the White House.”

You have to watch C-SPAN to know that the Democrats did this. The problem is not that they aren’t saying things, it’s that you wouldn’t KNOW they are saying these things if you watch regular TV or listen to regular radio or read regular newspapers. It’s a different era and we have to get used to it – the Republicans control the media. Democrats CAN’T “take to the airwaves.” Get used to it.

Don’t get mad at the Democrats for being shut out by the media. Instead, we need to build a “media” for people to get information! As I wrote the other day, I think the best place to start this is BuzzFlash. Tell everyone you know to check BuzzFlash every day.